Cherry picking self-publishing advice for the author entrepreneur (and test it, of course!)

I’m not sure about you, but I always google for self-publishing advice whenever I’m in a pinch. Because of that, I’ve come across many self-publishing tips from a lot of successful author entrepreneurs.

As much as I love the tips and take note every single one of them, I can’t help but think about doing the same thing just like how they do it to me and everyone else. The only difference is, I’ll be taking their advice, test it so then I can see for myself and share it through this blog so then other people who have gone through the same thing as I do will benefit this too.

Rather than making this blog as my absolute advice for successful author business, this blog serves more as a place for me to jot down my experiment based on the tips and strategies shared by the successful author entrepreneur.

Since this blog serves as a place for me to share what I have experienced, I will certainly be honest with you what works and what doesn’t work during my journey.

So yes, I bet that you won’t see me hitting a plateau because there are so many things I’ve yet to discover about self-publishing and write about it.

About me

As you would have guessed, I am an indie author. Even though I have only published one non-fiction book for the time being, I also have a plan to publish more non-fiction books related to author business in the near future.

Besides writing non-fiction books, I also write fiction books under the pen name Sekina Mayu.

My writings are mostly influenced by Japanese culture, anime, manga, video games. Besides that, I also love to blend the influence together with the inspiration that I get from the random non-fiction books I’ve read.

I bet that it’s going to an interesting combination. If you’re into Japanese culture, anime, manga and video games, feel free to say hi to me. I’d like to know you better.

For my author site, you can visit my author website here.