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Why Authors Should Exercise And How To Kickstart The Exercise Habit


For the most part, you spend most of your time gluing yourself to the desk. You have a word count to meet. So, things like exercise become your least priority. If the idea of exercising for health benefit doesn’t seem to excite you, then this blog post will let you see exercise in a different light.

My Goals For 2017


The new year is here. So, I’m sharing my goals for 2017 that I’d like to achieve in this blog post. This blog post isn’t just for me to share with you about my plans for 2017. But it’s also another way for me to keep myself accountable.

Grammarly Review Update


You probably have signed up for Grammarly and find that it helps with making your writings better. After a while, you feel like wanting to upgrade to the premium version. But you’re not sure whether is it worth upgrading or not. This Grammarly review update is focusing on my experience with Grammarly Premium.

How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book Checklist


The nonfiction book is the first book I’ve written when I began to transition myself as an author. But the book may never be possible if it’s not because of this checklist that I got from Brian Tracy. And now, I’m sharing this checklist with you so then you start and finish your nonfiction book, especially if this is your first book.

My Honest Thought About Grammarly, The Free Grammar Check Online


One of the tools I’m using in my writing process is Grammarly. If you’ve been reading about Grammarly review online, some people just don’t like to use it because they think it’s plain inaccurate. Is that even true? Well, here’s my honest thought about Grammarly.

How To Create An Author Website On The Self-Hosted WordPress Site


You know the importance of having your own author website. You also know that it’s better to have your own website on the self-hosted WordPress site instead of using the free blogs like Blogger and But it can be complicated if you’ve never done it. This is what you need to know about creating an author website on the self-hosted WordPress.