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How to manage multiple blogs as an author? Is that even possible when writing and publishing tend to take the bulk of your time?

Or am I the only crazy one out there who wants to add more things to my already spilling plate?

That was the question that I had to ponder when I decided to revive The Efficient You Blog for God knows how many times.

At that time, I was already actively blogging on my fiction author website.

Since I managed to be consistent with my blogging effort, I figure I could do the same for The Efficient You blog.

Well, guess what? I was wrong.

Not only that I struggled to keep the blog active. But I ended up abandoning the blog once again after that.

How do these people do it?

I’m sure that you hear this all the time.

You come across this person who manages many different blogs that operate in many different niches and yet still has the time to do other things.

And here you are who only have two blogs to maintain. But you already look like someone who gets the life sucked out of you.

What is their secret sauce when it comes to managing multiple blogs?

Is it by a stroke of luck that they managed to make it work?

Or do they happen to come across the cloning technology and now they’re ruling the world through their blogs?

That will be great if we have something like that, right?

When you take a look at how these people managed to do all these, you realize that they don’t do anything special.

The only thing they did is to have a plan in place and execute them with the help of a team.

Does it mean managing multiple blogs is only for people who can afford to hire a team to do the work for them?

Of course, the answer is no. With the right plan in place, you too can manage multiple blogs without having to hire someone to do all those things for you.

The reason why I’m saying that is because I manage The Efficient You and my fiction author blogs on my own amazingly well.

My formula when it comes to how to manage multiple blogs

Believe it or not, the key to making managing multiple blogs doable boils down to one main thing.

And that is clarity.

Without it, you will have a hard time managing the blog regardless of what plan you put in place for managing your blog.

So, what kind of clarity I’m referring to, then?

Well, it’s as simple as asking yourself what your blog is all about and who is the blog’s ideal audience.

Believe me, I had all the grand master plans in place when I was managing both of these blogs.

But the reason why both blogs were falling apart is simply because I didn’t have clarity on what the blog should be and the blog’s audience.

That’s how critical clarity is. And it’s even more so when you have more than one blog.

Once you nail them down, it will be a lot easier for you to put all these things in place. Here are the things that make managing multiple blogs a possible feat.

Have a blog editorial calendar in place

I know what you’re thinking when you hear the word blog editorial calendar.

That sounds like what a publication would have, right?

Well, guess what? Blogs are a form of publication.

You have a set time and day when the post will go live and what topic you want to cover on your blog.

Yes, having a blog editorial calendar may feel stiff to many of you. But if it can help you with being consistent with your publishing schedule, then the more reason you should have one.

The thing about the blog editorial calendar is that it doesn’t need to be set in stone.

You can always change the topic, especially if the topic that you want to cover relates to the current event.

That was what I did with my post about the Twitter X rebrand.

To be honest, I didn’t want to talk about it. But seeing how many people seem to be worried about the rebrand and where the future holds for them, I had to talk about it considering how concerning it was to some people.

Do the prep work in batches

This is a no-brainer here.

Do things like coming up with an outline for the blog post, creating the blog and social media graphic for the blog post, and doing keyword research for SEO to save time.

And it’s even more important for you to do them in batches when you’re managing multiple blogs.

My suggestion here is to dedicate a day to do all these things.

That’s what I do where I dedicate a day just to do the prep work for both of my blogs.

While the prep work usually doesn’t take that long, it can add up when you have multiple blogs to manage.

Set the schedule to write the blog post

If you don’t have it in your schedule, then you’re not going to do it.

Set a day what day you’ll write the blog post and which blog you’ll be working on.

Having a dedicated day where you’ll sit and write the blog post helps with sticking to the publishing schedule.

It helps with planning for your other projects too now that you know on what day you’ll be working on your blog.

Reduce the number of social media profiles you have to manage

Yup, this is a big one. Social media can take a huge chunk of your time, especially when you have multiple blogs.

If you can reduce the social media profiles to one or two profiles at most, the better.

It makes managing the social media profiles less overwhelming too when you only need to maintain a handful of them.

Yes, I admit that I’m not a fan of social media.

But hey, if it can free you up to focus on something else, that doesn’t seem like a big tradeoff to me.

Managing a blog is hard work

As someone who has been blogging all my life, I will say that managing a blog and keeping it active is no easy feat.

It’s even more so if you want to do it for the long run and you have more than one blog on top of that.

As much as I’d like to say you too can manage multiple blogs with the right plan, managing multiple blogs isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

If you feel like you have a hard time managing more than one blog and you want to reduce it to just one, then that’s fine too.

It’s better to have one blog that you know you can dedicate your time to than having multiple blogs that resemble a ghost town.

Believe me, nobody wants to go back to that blog no matter how well-written your blog posts are.

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