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As I’m gearing up for Small Business Deals: April 2023 Edition, it got me thinking about my progress on my goals for this year.

Sad to say, I didn’t progress that much with my goals as I write this. But I’m glad that I managed to start tackling this particular goal of mine.

And that is to publish a box set for the Trigger Locked series.

Just to let you know that the box set isn’t available for sale yet. Before I can do that, I need to fix the errors that Grammarly detected first. I even fixed some parts of the scenes so then the story will flow better.

Not going to lie that I’m not fond of doing any extra work considering how behind I am with my goals.

But if it can help with bringing in more sales, then it’s worth doing all the extra work.

This process somehow made me realize how much I’ve improved as an author.

While publishing more books does help with making me a better writer, I find that blogging is the reason that improves my writing tenfold.

Should you pursue blogging to improve your writing? Well, if you have the time for it, then why not?

But if you’re looking for another way to take your writing to the next level, then you certainly don’t want to miss this offer in this Small Business: April 2023 Edition post.

Journaling your way to become a better writer

Want to improve your writing to the next level? Consider giving free writing a try.

While you can approach free writing in whichever you want, I find that it’s best to approach free writing with writing prompts instead.

Want to make it even better? Combine it with the practice of mindfulness, of course.

The good news is you don’t need to search all over the Internet for the journal prompt since the LSW Mind Cards: Journal Edition from LSW London got you covered.

All you need to do is to pick one of the cards from the deck and journal your heart out according to what the prompts tell you to write about.

It’s that simple.

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LSW Mind Cards: Journal Edition

Take your Twitter marketing to the next level

I’m sure that most of you are already aware of how much of a time suck Twitter can be if you don’t have a proper strategy in place.

If you need help in coming up with a Twitter marketing strategy that won’t take too much of your time to implement and maintain, then you’re going to love all the tips that I share in my Twitter Marketing for Business guide.

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