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It’s hard to find deals that I want to include in Small Business Deals: December 2022 Edition considering that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are officially over.

Does it mean that we won’t be seeing any new deals at all after that?

Well, far from it, of course.

I’m pretty sure that there will be more new deals coming your way over the next couple of weeks. And I bet that we’re going to see more of them till the end of this year too.

As always, I’ll do my best to update this post whenever I come across any amazing deals that you don’t want to miss.

So, stay tuned for more amazing deals in Small Business Deals: December 2022 Edition if you’re looking for the best deals for your business.

It’s time to do self-reflection with a notebook and LSW Mind Cards: Journal Edition

Don’t you think that December seems like a perfect time to start reflecting on your achievement and setting your goals for the next year?

If you’re looking for a fancy journal to jot down your self-reflection and your goals for next year, then look no further than this A5 notebook from LSW London.

What I love about this journal is that it has this premium feeling to it thanks to its premium gold debossed cover.

Curious about the journal? You can take a look at the journal right here:

LSW A5 Notebook

Do you use a lot of notebooks for note-taking and journaling? Well, they also sell the same notebook in bundles too.

You can get the notebook bundle here for more savings:

Buy the LSW Bundle of A5 Notebook

Love journaling based on the journal prompts? Then LSW Mind Cards: Journal Edition is for you.

Just pick any random prompt from the card deck and starts journaling based on the prompt. It’s that simple.

If you need a journal prompt in addition to your notebook, you can get LSW Mind Cards: Journal Edition right here:

Buy LSW Mind Cards: Journal Edition

Alternatively, you can get the Journal Edition Bundle where the bundle includes LSW Mind Cards: Journal Edition, a notebook, and a gold pen.

You can get the bundle right here:

Buy LSW Journal Edition Bundle

Take your well-being game to another notch

If you’re serious about taking your wellness to another level, then I highly recommend that you get the LSW Mind Notes as well.

What makes LSW Mind Notes worth getting is that it’s a sixth-month undated journal that comes with many different tools and techniques to improve your well-being.

It includes things like Monday to Friday prompts with weekly review pages, inspirational quotes, mindfulness techniques, positive affirmations, and many more.

If your goal for next year is all about improving your mental well-being for better performance and increasing your life’s satisfaction, then be sure to add LSW Mind Notes to your shopping list as well.

You can get LSW Mind Notes right here:

Buy LSW Mind Notes

Alternatively, you can buy LSW Wellbeing Bundle where the bundle comes with LSW Mind Cards and LSW Mind Notes.

You can get the bundle right here:

Buy LSW Wellbeing Bundle

Want to start the day on a positive note? Then start your day with LSW Morning Notes instead of grabbing your phone first thing in the morning.

Unlike LSW Mind Notes where the activities in the journal are perfect for the end of the day, the activities in LSW Morning Notes are for setting your day on the right note.

It comes with Monday-to-Sunday journal prompts, goal-setting exercises, monthly reviews, three-month reviews, inspirational quotes, and many more.

If you want to make 2023 your year, then be sure to add LSW Morning Notes to the list as well.

You can get the journal right here:

Buy LSW Morning Notes

Just to let you know that any of the products in LSW Mind Cards can also be a perfect gift if you’re looking for a gift idea.

Take your Twitter marketing to another level

If one of your goals for next year is all about learning how to use Twitter marketing properly, then my Twitter Marketing for Business guide can surely help you with that.

Not only that you will learn how to set the right foundation for your Twitter profile. But you will also learn how you can maintain your presence on Twitter without taking too much of your time.

Sounds like what you need? You can get the guide right here on my Payhip store:

Buy Twitter Marketing for Business

Don’t forget to use the coupon code THEEFFICIENTYOUBLOG to save 20% off on your purchase.

Amazing holiday deals from Namecheap

Namecheap Holiday Deals

If you miss your chance to get a domain name last time, now is your chance to get the domain name you want at a discount.

Namecheap is currently running a promotion where you can get up to 92% off on all the things that they have to offer.

The only downside is that these amazing deals will only be available until December 19, 2022.

So, don’t miss this chance if you’d like to get 43% off on the .COM domain.

You can take a look at other domain names that are on sale and other deals right here:

Namecheap Holiday Deals

Just to let you know that you’ll be paying the full price upon renewal. But hey, at least you save some money when you get the domain name for the first time.

Get 4 months free for WP Engine’s new annual plan

Good news if you’ve missed WP Engine’s Cyber Weekend deal last month.

WP Engine is extending its Cyber Weekend deal where you can get 4 months free when you sign up with their annual plan.

This deal will only be available until January 1, 2023. So, don’t miss this chance if you’d like to save on WP Engine WordPress or WooCommerce annual plan.

You can learn more about WP Engine hosting plans right here:

WP Engine hosting plans

Don’t see the offer when you sign up? You can use the coupon code wpe4free during checkout to qualify for the 4-months free offer.

Keep in mind that this promotion is valid for new customers only.

And you will also have to pay the full price upon renewal. But at least if you pay less during the first year which is still a good thing, if you ask me.

Bluchic End-of-Year sale is here

Bluchic End of Year Sale 2022

If you’re looking for a new premium WordPress theme for your author website and you want to get it at a discount, then you don’t want to miss this amazing offer from Bluchic.

Bluchic is currently running a special promotion where you can get 15% off on any of Bluchic products.

And yes, that includes the theme installation for those of you who need help with installing the theme that you purchase from Bluchic.

If you have the money to spare, consider getting the WordPress theme that comes with a bundle offer.

What I love about the bundle package is that it comes with all sorts of things that you need for marketing your products such as The Brand Style Guide Canva Template and Done-For-You Tech Mockups Graphic.

With these templates, not only you can create a graphic that isn’t just cohesive with your website’s branding. But it can also save you time creating promotional materials for your product.

And best of all, these templates are Canva templates. Just upload it on Canva and you’re good to go.

Of course, there are other things that you’ll get with the bundle package such as an add-on templates kit which consists of a resources page, shop page, and product page if you use ThriveCart, Shopify Lite, or SendOwl to sell your products.

If you’re a romance author or you’re writing books with a female audience in mind, then I highly recommend that you get your WordPress theme from Bluchic because of its soft color palette.

You can take a look at the WordPress themes yourself right here:

Buy premium WordPress themes from Bluchic

Don’t forget to use the coupon code NEWYEAR to get 15% off on any of your preferred Bluchic products. This offer will only be available until January 3, 2023.

And if you’re not into a WordPress theme with a soft color palette, you can take a look at the Divi theme instead.

This is the premium WordPress theme that I currently use on The Efficient You and my fiction author website, Sekina Mayu.

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