When I published my first book, The Diary of Modern Cinderella, I used Wattpad as a place for me to post the sample chapter from the book.

My reason for posting the sample chapter on Wattpad is simple. I wanted eyeballs for the book. And there was a high chance that they might want to buy the book if they liked it enough.

At first, I wasn’t so sure if I should post my sample chapter on Wattpad considering that the users over there would prefer to read a completed story.

After reading the podcast transcript on Joanna Penn’s website about Wattpad, I’ve decided to give Wattpad a try.

I did just like what the interview recommended me to do. Since I was posting a sample chapter, I had to notify the readers at the beginning of the story what they were about to read was only a sample chapter from my book.

I also added a call-to-action at the end of each chapter on where they could get my book.

I did the same for my second book, Twisted Destiny. Same goes for my permafree book which is the first book from the Trigger Locked series, The Mind Control Assassins as well.

But for my second book from the Trigger Locked series, A Silent Killer, I’ve decided to break the cycle.

I’ve decided not to post the sample chapter from A Silent Killer on Wattpad.

Why did I decide not to post the sample chapter over there?

Is it such a waste of time?

What I noticed during my short stint on Wattpad

When I posted the sample chapter from The Diary of Modern Cinderella, I was happy that there were quite a few people who added my book to their library.

But keep in mind that adding the book to their library doesn’t mean that they will read the book right away. They probably won’t read a full book right away, let alone a sample chapter.

Okay, to be on the positive side, they might read the sample chapter after that. Since it was clear that the sample chapter wouldn’t take that long for them to finish reading, they might read the sample chapter right away.

Even if they did finish reading the sample chapter, they wouldn’t consider buying my book no matter how good it was.

Why is that?

Well, it has a lot to do with Wattpad’s user base.

Are your readers on Wattpad?

Let me make it clear here. I’m not expecting each and every one of the users who read my sample chapter to go and buy my book.

But I was hoping that I could get a few sales from Wattpad. And it doesn’t have to be a lot. At that time, just a few sales would do for me.

After digging through the data, I begin to realize that my book isn’t the kind of book that most readers will want to read.

Well, most of Wattpad’s user base is mainly teens. And my book may not be that appealing to most teens considering that my book can be somewhat complex for teen readers.

After all, my Trigger Locked series is a technothriller, hard science fiction. Even my first book, The Diary of Modern Cinderella is a psychological suspense with a bit of hard science fiction in it.

If I have to classify my book in the anime and manga term, my book will be most likely to fall under the seinen category. Seinen manga tends to appeal more to the adult readers than the teen readers.

There are also adults among the Wattpad user base. But they’re not as many as teen readers on Wattpad.

Even if there are quite a few people who love my books, they’re less likely to buy because they don’t have the money for it.

After all, the teenage demographic doesn’t have the money to spend.

Will Wattpad make a comeback in my book marketing strategy?

To be honest, there are quite a few things that I don’t like about Wattpad.

One of them is the link that you post inside the story page isn’t clickable. Think of it like posting a link on NotePad.

That’s how it feels like when you post your story on Wattpad.

For now, I don’t have any plan to include Wattpad in my book marketing strategy.

Since my goal is to promote my book through the sample chapter, I’m better off having the sample chapter on a website like iAuthor instead.

At least you can list down all the places where your books are sold on iAuthor. And the links are clickable too.