Refund Policy

This Refund Policy governs the manner of how and what conditions The Efficient You will process the refund. This refund policy applies to all products that customers purchase through Gumroad and on the online retailers.

Ebooks and print books through online retailers

The refund for the ebook and the print book purchase will depend on where you purchase the book since you will be directed to the third party sites to complete the purchase of the ebook or the print book.

If you purchased the ebook through Smashwords, then you have to proceed with the refund process to Smashwords. Please refer to Smashwords refund policy and procedure when you attempt to proceed with the refund process. On the other hand, if you have made a purchase on Amazon, please proceed with the refund process in your Amazon account. Please refer to Amazon return policy before you proceed with the refund process.

Ebooks and digital products purchased through Gumroad

If you buy something from me and for whatever reason you don’t like it, you can send me an email to me to get a refund. Keep in mind that I will issue the refund within 14 days after you already made the purchase.

You can contact me right here so then I can proceed with the refund process as soon as possible. You can expect to have your order refunded within 1-2 working days after you have submitted your refund request.