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Which book distribution company you should use if you want to distribute your books to as many retailers as possible?

If you’ve read my post about online booksellers, then you’ll know that you can’t make do with just selling directly to your readers alone.

Don’t get me wrong. You can make so much more when you sell your books directly to your readers.

But then again, why should you pass up another source of income when the opportunity has presented itself to you?

Yes, you have to forfeit a little bit of a percentage to the retailers or distributors if you’re using one.

That’s the downside of using book distributors regardless of which distributors you use.

But income is still income if you ask me.

Even if you’re open to the idea of selling your books to retailers, let’s just face it.

You know how time-consuming it is to manage these retailers.

And we’re not talking about the major ones here. I’m sure that you want to have your books available for sale in retailers from other countries as well, right?

This is where PublishDrive comes in.

It’s also the book distributor that I use to distribute my books to other retailers that aren’t available through Draft2Digital.

What is PublishDrive

It’s a book distribution company that helps you to distribute your books to major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play, and other retailers that are based in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.

What’s more, you can also use PublishDrive to distribute your print books and audiobooks to these retailers as well.

In a nutshell, PublishDrive makes it easy for you to distribute your books to retailers all over the world and in any format all in one place.

What makes this book distribution company worth your attention

As you can see here, PublishDrive can do more than just distribute your books in all formats to retailers all over the world.

If you’re thinking about getting started with using Amazon ads, you can manage your Amazon ad campaigns straight from your PublishDrive dashboard.

Do you write a book with another author?

If you do, then I’m sure that you already know how much of a hassle it is to split the payment to your co-author every time the book is making sales.

Well, guess what?

You can use PublishDrive’s Abacus feature to split the royalty payment to your co-authors. All you need to do is to upload the sales report to Abacus and it will do the rest for you.

Do you always want to send a review copy of your books to reviewers, book bloggers, and journalists and find it a hassle to do that?

You can send a review copy of your books to them easily through PublishDrive as well.

The downside is you can only send a review copy if your books are available on Apple Books and Google Play, though.

You can’t send a review copy of your books that are on Amazon. Whether you can do that in the future or not has yet to be seen.

What you should know about PublishDrive

If you go to the PublishDrive website, you’ll notice that they say that they don’t take any commission from your sale.

Well, it’s true that they don’t take any commission if you sign up for any of their paid plans.

But if you opt for the free plan, they will take a 10% commission from your book sales instead.

That may not be that much if you’re not making a lot of book sales through PublishDrive. But if you’re generating massive sales from PublishDrive, then it’s best to upgrade to any of their paid plans.

Their paid plans also come with many perks that I find interesting.

One of them is the distribution channels for your print books and audiobooks.

If you’re only on their free plan, you only get to print and distribute your print books through Ingram and gain access to 3 distributors for your audiobook distribution.

But if you’re on their paid plan, you get to print and distribute your print books not just through Ingram. But you can distribute your books through KDP Print and CNPeReading Platform as well.

For those who aren’t familiar with the CNPeReading Platform, it’s a platform that distributes your print books to retailers in China, with DangDang and being one of them.

What’s more, you’ll gain access to 13 distributors for audiobooks too.

Keep in mind that you will need to have your own ISBN if you want to use PublishDrive to distribute your print books to these platforms, though.

Another perk about the paid plans is that you’ll get real-time sales analytics and access to Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Just to let you know that you can get access to Amazon Sponsored Ads if you go direct with Amazon.

You don’t need to upgrade to paid plans if you already go direct with Amazon.

Is PublishDrive right for you?

Unless you’re exclusive on Amazon, I don’t see anything wrong with using a book distribution company like PublishDrive to distribute your books.

And it’s even more so when you don’t generate that many sales on major book retailers.

Believe it or not, my books tend to generate more sales from retailers through PublishDrive than the ones at the major retailers.

Will you get the same result as I am?

Well, probably.

Whether you’ll get the same result as I am or not, it doesn’t hurt to give a book distribution company like PublishDrive a try.

Besides, it’s free to sign up too. You don’t have anything to lose if PublishDrive doesn’t give you the result that you hope for.

Thinking about giving PublishDrive a try? You can learn more about it right here:

Sign up with PublishDrive

P.S. Whether you choose to sign up with a book distribution company like PublishDrive or not, your books can only generate sales if you market your books.

It’s as simple as that.

No matter how good they are, the books won’t market themselves if you don’t go out there and let everybody knows about your books.

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