Book marketing strategy

When it comes to the book marketing strategy, most authors will say that they use paid ads to keep the book sales going.

There’s a reason why many authors use paid ads. It’s simply because they work, that is if you learn how to use it properly.

But here’s the thing about using paid ads that not many people are aware of, which is the cost per clicks.

The cost per clicks will increase when there are more people bidding the same keyword as you. With so many publishers are now jumping the paid ads bandwagon, there’s a high chance that the cost itself will be ballooning to the point that it will become unsustainable.

That will only put us as an indie author on the edge since not many of us have a huge budget for the paid ads. So, we have no way to compete with publishers who can spend more money on the paid ads.

With the paid ads become much more expensive, some authors are now already shifted to use content marketing in addition to their paid ads strategy.

But for me, I’ve decided to use content marketing all the way since I don’t have any budget for the paid ads.

I’m sure that there are some authors out there who are in the same boat as I am.

Content marketing?

For those who are not familiar with the term, content marketing is about using the content you produce to promote products and services.

In this case, we’re using content marketing to generate sales for our books. If you have other products, you can also use the same strategy to do the same as well.

The content can be anything. You can choose to write a blog post, create a video, a podcast and a social media post.

Of course, creating a content is only a tip of the iceberg. Creating content that can convert into sales is another matter.

But for now, I hope that you already have a rough idea on what content marketing is all about.

Which content marketing I pick for my book marketing strategy

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I will pick blogging as my content marketing strategy.

Sure, one of the reasons is because I’m a writer. And blogging seems like a perfect fit for me.

Another reason for that is because of Ryan Holiday interview on The Creative Penn podcast.

What he said in the interview made sense to me.

It’s hard to attract potential readers with a podcast or videos. After all, most people who love to listen to the podcasts or watch videos aren’t the type who loves to read.

Many people say that videos are the next big thing. But blogging won’t go away simply because we still have tons of people out there who love to read.

If you’ve been thinking about jumping into the blogging bandwagon, now is the time to do so.

Does it work for fiction authors too?

There’s no doubt that content marketing works well for nonfiction authors.

But it can be tricky to make content marketing works for fiction authors.

I know that because I’m struggling to make the content marketing works for my fiction books as well.

But then again, I’m willing to give content marketing a try. With that said, you can expect to hear from me talking about my trials and errors in using content marketing for my fiction books in the next couple of weeks.

Will it work? Well, I don’t know.

If you have yet to give content marketing a try, consider using it as another way to attract potential readers whether you write fiction or nonfiction.

Keep in mind that it takes much longer to convert the people who read your blog post into fans.

But in the long run, content marketing will help you build an audience for the type of books you write.

That’s the most important thing above anything else.