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When we talk about the book marketing strategy, the possibilities are endless. And it’s even more so with so many new platforms coming our way.

Take TikTok for example.

What seems to be the place for people to post their dance videos online suddenly becoming a place that can make books go viral.

While some strategies can be a goldmine that is worth looking at, others can be a total dud.

Does it mean that you should try them all and see which ones will stick to you the most?

Of course, the answer is no. Regardless of how much time and patience you have, trying everything under the sun isn’t going to help you in any way.

So, the best way to go about it is to take a look at a list of book marketing strategies, pick one or two that you want to do, and stick with it.

That’s how you get the result you want.

It’s the philosophy in my author business, in case you’re wondering.

My current book marketing strategy

I’m sure that you can guess which ones I’m currently using in my author business if you’ve been reading my blog long enough.

While my reason for picking these strategies over the others may have something to do with them being a timeless strategy, it’s more to do with them fitting my nature and budget.

If you’re like me that don’t have a big budget to market your book, these strategies are worth considering.

Content marketing

If there’s one marketing strategy that got me to loathe less, it has to be this one.

Well, what’s not to love about content marketing when you can sell your ware to your engaged audience with no big budget involved?

Of course, you can’t just simply create content and see people buying your books in drove.

You still need to know your audience inside out and create content that can get them to your door.

If you can tie back the content with your book, that will be even better.

Content marketing is doable for those who write nonfiction since it’s easier to introduce your book within the content you produce.

But it’s a little tricky to make content marketing work for fiction.

Does it mean that content marketing is off-limit for fiction authors?

Of course, not.

Content marketing can still work for fiction authors if you know the sort of topic or niche that your target readers are likely to enjoy.

Focus on that and introduce your books to them in a subtle way rather than in their face.

That’s what I do on my fiction author blog where I add a gentle P.S. at the end of each blog post to let them know about my book.

Whether they buy the book or not is a different matter altogether. The goal is for them to be aware of your book.

Email marketing

Ask any authors who are making a killing with their books and they will tell you that it’s the email that drives the bulk of their sales.

So, what makes email marketing to be so magical to the point where any authors of all sizes can’t live without it?

Well, my money is on engaging email subscribers.

Remember that the people who join your email list already love what you have to offer. And they also want to be in the know the next time you release a new book.

That makes selling to them a lot less of a hurdle since they’re already familiar with you and what you have to offer.

There’s an adage in marketing that it’s easier to sell to existing customers than new customers.

If you can only focus on one thing, then I recommend that you put most of your marketing effort into getting your audience to join your email list.

I won’t deny that I have an unconventional approach when it comes to building my email list. But it still doesn’t dilute the fact that it’s essential to have one.

You can read about my approach right here if you’re interested. And you can take a look at this guide right here if you need help getting started with email marketing.

Will I be adding more to the plate?

The answer is heck no. In fact, I’m thinking about what else I can cut more rather than what else I can add to my already busy schedule.

Remember that email and content marketing itself are already time-consuming.

Adding more things to my plate is a recipe to having burnout.

The only exception to that is social media.

Yes, I’m still active on social media despite my cynicism. But I only do the bare minimum, though.

I don’t do anything much other than to promote my new blog post on Twitter just like what I shared in my Twitter Marketing for Business guide.

And that’s just about it.

I also use Pinterest in addition to using Twitter.

But my strategy with using Pinterest isn’t that much different from how I use Twitter.

With me not focusing on social media like how I used to, I won’t be surprised that this one will eventually end up on my chopping block anytime soon.

Should you do what I do?

If what I do seems to bode well with you, then go for it.

The only thing that I ask you to do is to not stop doing things that are already working well for you.

There’s no reason for you to stop doing what’s already working unless it’s no longer working like it used to be.

Can something like that happen to you?

If my experience with Tumblr is any indication, I will say yes.

And if it does happen for real, you can come back to this post and choose which one you can start all over again.

P.S. While I admit that I’m not a big fan of using social media for book marketing, I know that some of you do.

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