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Hold on, how in the world that something like bullet journaling can make you productive?

There’s no way for something like journaling can make you a productive being, right?

I can bet that’s what many of you are thinking when you hear the word journaling.

Yes, you’re not wrong to think that way.

Journaling in a nutshell isn’t that much different from the dear diary kind of writing that you did during your angsty teen years.

But bullet journaling is nothing like what you see in a normal journal entry.

It’s because of this reason that makes bullet journaling is an amazing productivity tool.

What in the world is bullet journaling

Mention a journal entry and you have this idea of a long-winding rant.

Well, that’s what a journal is supposed to be, right?

Guess what? You don’t see that kind of journal entry in the bullet journal.

What you see instead is a simplified journal entry with symbols.

Say what? We’re not turning the journal into a book riddled with codes, are we?

Of course, the answer is no. The symbols in the bullet journal are only meant for you to categorize the things in your journal entry.

If you’d like to see how these symbols thingy plays out in real life, take a look at the Bullet Journal website.

From the example alone, you can tell that bullet journaling simplifies the long journal entry into a much simpler and more precise entry.

You can think of it as micro journaling, so to speak.

What makes it perfect as a productivity tool?

Well, it must be something to do with the symbols used to simplify the journal entry, right?

Yes, you’re not wrong to say that it could be the reason. After all, it takes less time for you to jot everything down when you simplify it with symbols.

But what makes bullet journaling an amazing productivity tool goes beyond simplifying the journal entry with symbols.

If I have to say what makes it an amazing productivity tool is that you can customize it in any way you want, planner-wise.

Want to add a food log to your journal? Well, you can do that with the bullet journal.

What if you need a place to log your habit tracking? You can do that with a bullet journal too.

Since a bullet journal is nothing more than just a blank notebook, you can turn it into anything that you want beyond the usual monthly and daily planner.

How you can get started with bullet journaling

Here’s the best part about bullet journaling – you don’t need anything fancy to get started.

All you need is a journal and a pen and you’re good to go.

While you can use any type of journal to get started, I highly recommend that you get a dot journal instead since this type of journal is specifically designed for bullet journaling.

The good thing about the dot journal is that it’s not that hard to find. Pretty much many places nowadays sell dot journals.

What’s more, they’re affordable too.

If you’re thinking about splurging on a dot journal but want something that costs less than the Moleskine journal, then I highly recommend that you get a dot journal from LSW London.

You can get the dotted journal right here:

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How to use a bullet journal to organize your day and life

You already got yourself a dot journal and a pen. You even got yourself colored pens since you want to make your journal more colorful and decorate it with your doodles.

So how do you get started with making your day productive with a bullet journal?

While it’s true that you can customize the journal in any way that works for you, it can still feel intimidating and confusing when you have no idea how to get started.

If you’re wondering what you should add to your bullet journal, you can take a look at these things to get started.

In case you’re wondering, these are the things that I personally use in my own bullet journal.

Monthly Calendar

Think of it as a monthly planner that doesn’t take too many pages. If you take a look at the monthly planner on the Bullet Journal website, you’ll see that the monthly planner only takes about one page.

If you’re someone who needs to see all the important events in one place, this is a must-have in your bullet journal.

I use the calendar to keep track of all the affiliate promotions that I have to add to my deals posts.

Monthly goals

I’m pretty sure that you already have a rough idea about what you want to accomplish for the month.

But it doesn’t hurt to have a place where you can list down your monthly goals to keep yourself accountable.

Income and expenses record

I’m not sure about you but keeping track of my finance is important to me. While I can use an app to simplify the process, I find that it’s easier to keep track of my finance using pen and paper.

You don’t need to add it to your bullet journal if you’re happy with using an app to keep track of your income and expenses.

But if you find that using an app doesn’t seem to do much for you, then consider doing it manually instead.

Daily planner

Obviously, you need to have it in your bullet journal to plan your day. If you don’t want to let the day leave you in the dust, then you need to plan your day.

That’s how you can make every day a productive day for you.

Can it make a big difference to your productivity?

To be honest, I will say that any kind of planning beforehand can give you a huge impact on productivity.

It doesn’t need to be using a bullet journal specifically.

But if you want a simpler way to manage every aspect of your life that you can do in one place, then there’s no doubt that bullet journaling is the answer.

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