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It makes sense why the free 3D book cover generator is a must-have tool for many authors. And it’s even more so when you do book cover design yourself.

For one, it’s not easy to create a 3D book cover unless you’re a graphic designer.

Of course, you can get away with using the usual book cover on your promotional materials. But you may find that having a 3D book cover on your promotional materials makes the whole aesthetic look polished.

And it looks professionally done too.

Just take a look at the homepage of my fiction author website and you know what I mean.

But here’s the problem with the free 3D book cover generator in general.

I’m sure that you want to use it in your book promotional materials. You’re not going to use the 3D book cover on its own.

But before you can do that, you need to upload it to graphic design software like Canva.

Since you can’t generate a 3D book cover in Canva, then you need to generate the 3D book cover elsewhere first.

This is where Book Brush comes in. You can use it to generate the 3D book cover and do graphic design all in one place.

So, no more relying on multiple apps just to design promotional materials for your books.

A note about the free 3D book cover generator, Book Brush

As always, my experience with Book Brush is based on the free version.

Yes, you can’t do much with the free version since your access to Book Brush’s features is limited.

But the best part about Book Brush is that there’s no time limit with the free trial. You can try Book Brush for as long as you’d like.

One thing that I noticed about Book Brush is that it’s now more than just an app to create promotional materials for your books.

So, I’m sure that they’ll be rolling out more features in the years to come.

If you’re curious about Book Brush, you can take a look at it right here:

Learn more about Book Brush

My thought about Book Brush

Back then when I came across Book Brush for the first time, you can only use it to generate 3D book covers for your books and create your book promotional materials all in one place.

But now?

You can do all sorts of things with Book Brush from generating a 3D book cover for your box set to creating a book trailer and business cards.

Want to have your readers promote your books on social media?

You can do that with Book Brush too. All you need to do is to create the graphic optimized for social media, create a unique URL to the page that contains the book promotion graphic and share it with your readers.

Thinking about creating graphics for your Amazon A+ Content? Well, you can do that with Book Brush as well.

With all the things that you can do with Book Brush, some of you will say that you can do pretty much the same thing with Canva, minus the 3D book covers part.

So, is it even necessary to switch to using Book Brush when you can do the same thing with Canva?

Well, you’re not wrong about that. Other than the 3D book cover, you can do the same thing with Canva.

But here’s the thing that makes Book Brush have the upper hand compared to Canva.

And that you’ll save time when you use Book Brush. It can even make your workflow more efficient too when you can do everything in one place.

That holds true for Amazon A+ Content since you can create graphics that are optimized for Amazon A+ Content right with Book Brush.

If you’re going to create the same graphic for Amazon A+ Content in Canva, you will need to know the correct dimension for the Amazon A+ Content graphic and set the dimension manually in Canva.

In a nutshell, you can say that Book Brush is a graphic design app specifically for authors or designers who work in the publishing industry.

What you should know about Book Brush

While it’s true that you can’t do much with the free version, you can download up to 15 files that you create for free in Book Brush.

Sure, that doesn’t seem like a lot. But considering that the only thing you can create with the free version is the 3D book cover, it doesn’t look so bad to me.

If you want to create your book-in-the-wild graphic for your book promotion, then you will need to upgrade your plan.

The same goes for creating a 3D book cover for the box set, book trailers, business cards, and unlimited download of your files.

You can only gain access to those features if you upgrade to their paid plan.

The good news is Book Brush does hold promotions for the membership upgrade once in a while.

If you love how convenient Book Brush is for your workflow and you’d like to upgrade your membership, you can do that when Book Brush is running a sale.

Who should be using Book Brush

If you’re an author who creates the book promotional materials yourself or if you’re a graphic designer who works in the publishing industry, then there’s no doubt that Book Brush is a must-have in your arsenal.

Will I be upgrading to Book Brush?

Perhaps not for the time being. While I do find Book Brush convenient, I only use Book Brush to generate 3D book covers for my book.

And it’s not that I use it frequently either. I only use it whenever I have a new book coming out.

But I will say that I do entertain the idea of creating a graphic that has my books in the wild, though. So, I may upgrade my plan if I want to create my book-in-the-wild graphic to promote my books.

If you’re in the same boat as I am, there are tons of free 3D book cover generators that you can use to create 3D book covers for your book.

One of them is DIY Book Covers. This is the free 3D book cover generator that I use before I came across Book Brush.

As you can tell, I will still be using the 3D book cover generator on DIY Book Covers since I’m not planning to upgrade to a paid membership for the time being.

Where to sign up with Book Brush

You can sign up for Book Brush and give it a test run for free right here:

Sign up with Book Brush

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