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For those who have been reading my blog for quite some time, my decision to quit social media for good may not seem like a sudden decision.

Well, it’s not that hard to see it coming considering how my view on social media has changed over the years.

Rather than doubling down on social media, I decided to cut back on my social media presence to two platforms instead.

Heck, I was even pessimistic about it despite all the technological advancement that we’ll get to experience on social media.

And here I am, I ended up abandoning all of them months after I wrote the blog post.

Now that I’m abandoning the social media ship, I must have a plan for the next thing I’m going to do, right?

Believe it or not, I don’t have everything figured out.

Yes, I already had some parts of them figured out when I made the decision. But the rest of them are still up in the air as I write this.

Things like how I can drive traffic to my website now that I’m cutting social media out of the process.

And what about the promotions that I don’t want any authors to miss?

How should I let everyone know now that I can no longer do the promotion blast?

Is there a way for me to do the promotion blast without having to rely on social media?

Not going to lie that abandoning social media means that I have to make changes to all the things I’m currently doing.

But despite that, I don’t regret my decision to quit social media for good.

Why the time is now for me to quit social media for good

Here’s the funny thing about my decision to quit social media for good.

I knew for the longest time that social media does nothing much in bringing traffic to my website, let alone converting that traffic to sales.

But here I am, taking too long for me to pull the plug despite knowing that the result will remain the same no matter how many times I refine my strategy.

So, what took me so long to abandon social media for good?

Am I waiting for someone else’s approval to take the plunge?

In case you’re wondering, I’m the sort of person who tends to follow the unpopular route.

One such case is this one where I no longer offer a free ebook on my fiction author website to get people to join my email list.

The same goes for quitting social media.

I have no reason to follow what everybody else is doing when I know well enough it doesn’t work for me.

If seeking permission isn’t the reason that took me this long to quit social media, then what is?

And why does it have to be now, of all time?

Well, it has a lot to do with me at my limit.

I’m tired of being on social media especially when it doesn’t bring me any significant result despite the amount of time and effort I have to put in.

If the only thing I get is a paltry result, then I may as well stop doing it altogether.

There are better things that I can do with my time, with writing another book being one of them.

The issue with social media that no one is willing to admit

We all know how much of a fickle social media can be because of its ever-changing algorithm.

One day you can reach thousands of people, even to those who don’t follow you. And the next thing you know is that you barely reach anyone unless you pay for it.

While it’s enough to drive many of us crazy, it doesn’t mean jack to those who are using social media for personal reasons.

Believe it or not, the ever-changing algorithm is the least of your concerns.

It’s when your target audience is leaving the said platform for another platform is something that you should be more concerned about.

Of course, our logical mind will say that we should be where they are as well.

That’s the only way for us to sustain the communication with our followers.

But that line of thinking will lead us to another problem – you have to build your audience from scratch again on a new platform.

Just imagine having to do the same thing every time you’re switching from one social media platform to another.

I’m not sure about you. But it sure does sound tiring to me.

If I’m ever going to put so much time and effort into building an audience on a platform, then I may as well do it on a platform that I own instead of somebody else’s.

This will be my plan going forward

I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this – start building your email list if you haven’t already.

That’s the only way for you to get in touch with your readers no matter what social media platforms they’re using right now.

And not to mention, the changes in the platform’s algorithm.

As you can expect, that’s what I’m planning to do going forward which is to start building and growing my email list.

Just to let you know that I already have the email list in place way before I publish my first book.

But like most people, I don’t do anything much with it the moment people sign up to join my email list.

I just let it sit by the sideline, not sure what else I need to do.

Now that social media is no longer occupying me anymore, I can now put all of my attention on building and growing my email list.

To be honest, I don’t have anything sorted out yet as I write this.

But I’ll let you know about it on this blog once I already have a concrete plan on how I’m going to do just that.

Will I ever be coming back to social media again?

Do I see myself coming back to using social media again somewhere in the distant future?

Sad to say, the answer is no. I don’t see any reason to return to social media when it doesn’t do much to my website traffic.

Sure, I will still be keeping an eye on whatever new platforms that people are raving about.

But that’s as far as I can go.

I’m done with social media. And I’m not going to miss any of them either if they happen to disappear from our lives for whatever reason.

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