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Wait, isn’t it a little too late to talk about my year 2023 goals when it’s already the 11th day as this post goes live?

Yes, I know. But it’s better late than never, right?

So, what are my year 2023 goals now that 2023 is already right here upon us?

Will there be something like writing and publishing more books for this year?

Heck, let’s throw in doing something with the backlist too since many authors do want to make full use of their backlist.

Well, not going to lie that writing and publishing more books is certainly indeed one of my goals for this year.

But knowing my nature, my year 2023 goals won’t just be about me writing and publishing more books and making full use of my backlist.

I even have tons of other plans for The Efficient You too now that I’m being consistent with my blogging effort over the last couple of months or so.

Now that we’re on the 11th day into the new year, here are my year 2023 goals in case you’re wondering what am I going to cook up for this year.

Rebrand The Efficient You

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned it anywhere on the blog before. But I always have this strange sensation every time I blog on The Efficient You.

I can’t help but feel that I got the purpose behind The Efficient You all wrong to the point that I stopped blogging altogether.

Saying that The Efficient You is a place for me to share everything I know about publishing doesn’t cut it either.

There are plenty of websites out there that do the same thing.

So, I don’t need to add any more of it especially when they can do a far better job than I am.

Funnily enough, it was only months after I resumed blogging on The Efficient You that I finally got the clarity I need.

And it got me excited about the rebranding too considering that it embodies what I always envision The Efficient You is going to be.

So, what will The Efficient You be all about going forward?

Well, I have yet to nail down what The Efficient You is all about in a nutshell.

But the hint is in the name itself if you’d like to do some guesswork.

Add more products to my Payhip store

Let’s be real here. I can’t be selling Twitter Marketing for Business guide for the rest of my life, right?

That won’t be sustainable unless I have more than one product in my Payhip store.

Okay, I won’t deny that making a new product isn’t going to be easy. And it’s going to take a huge chunk of my time too.

But with proper planning, I’m sure that it won’t take that much time to produce even with so many products I want to add to my Payhip store.

For now, I have no idea what will be the next product to add to my Payhip store yet.

I’ll let you know once I already have one.

Open an Etsy Shop

Hold on, why do I even need to open an Etsy Shop when I already have my own Payhip store?

Isn’t having an Etsy Shop will only add more things to my plate?

Believe it or not, opening an Etsy Shop is something that I’ve always wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

But for some reason, I was contemplating doing it.

Not sure what causes me to contemplate when it doesn’t cost me that much to start an Etsy Shop.

But one thing I know for sure is I’m going to make it happen this year.

Distribute books to more retailers and create many different editions for all books

Well, I did say that having my books available for sale on retailers is just as important as selling directly to my readers.

So, it makes sense for me to distribute my books to more retailers when the process itself isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Imagine being able to distribute your books to retailers in the African region through StreetLib and selling your books directly through Google Play Books.

And let’s not forget the library pay-per-checkout model and print book distribution through Draft2Digital.

What’s more, you don’t just sell your books in ebook and print format. But you’re selling your books in hardback and large print format too.

It’s amazing to know that you can do so many things with your books.

This is another thing that will take a lot of my time, without a doubt.

But it’s totally worth doing it if you ask me.

Publish the revised edition of the WordPress E-Commerce Blueprint

When I decided to rewrite the revised edition of the book, I thought that it wouldn’t be that long.

Yes, there are some chapters that require a major update. But it won’t be that many.

The rest of the chapters will remain the same. If I’m going to tweak the chapters a little bit, it’ll be a little bit of rewriting here and there just to reflect my current writing style.

I expect that it won’t be anything major until I began writing the book itself.

What awaits me instead is a long list of chapters that require a major update.

Well, it’s expected considering that much of the information in the book is already outdated.

As a result, it took me a couple of months just to write the first draft alone.

Now that I’ve done writing the first draft, this year will be about editing and getting the book published.

I have no idea when the book is coming out. But you can expect to see the book coming out in a couple of months or so.

As always, this book will certainly be available on my Payhip store and other retailers as well if you’re thinking about getting the updated version of the book.

Nurture my email list more

Okay, I confess.

I didn’t do anything with the people who joined my email list. The only thing I ever do to my email list is to set the autoresponder to engage with the new subscribers.

That’s just about it.

There won’t be any emails from me anymore once the autoresponder already does its things.

Yes, I know that I should be communicating with my email subscribers more. That’s how I can stay on top of their mind, especially when I have a new release coming out anytime soon.

But I find that writing an email can feel like a drag sometimes.

And it’s also a time suck for me too.

I don’t have any idea how I can make email marketing to be less of a drag for me.

So, this year will all be about coming up with the best way possible to engage with my email subscribers effectively.

Won’t there be any personal goals in my year 2023 goals?

Yes, I do have a personal goal that I’d like to achieve in 2023. And that is to regulate my sleep.

I realize that over the years, the reason why I didn’t manage to achieve that much may have something to do with me sleeping at such an odd time.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with being a night owl if you find that you’re more productive at night than during the day.

But in my case, I find that I tend to do so much more during the day than during the night time.

If I want to tick off every single goal that I have, then I need to find ways to regulate my sleep.

Once I manage to nail it, not only that I can do all the things that I need to do during the day. But I can spend the night doing fun time instead of doing my work.

May the year 2023 be the best year for you too

It’s hard to know what the year 2023 will hold for us considering that it’s only 11 days into the new year as this post goes live.

But one thing I know for sure is any year will be my best year ever if I manage to tick off every single goal that I want to achieve.

And I’m sure that you feel the same too no matter how awful the year is going to be like going forward.

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