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When we talk about the benefit of blogging, there are plenty of them that make starting a blog all worth the time and effort.

Have a dedicated place to connect with your readers and generate sales of any kind without having to spend your money on paid advertising.

And if you enjoy writing? Blogging sure is the best creative avenue you can have since you can have all your writings in one place and share them with a wider audience.

That sure does sound alluring, doesn’t it?

It’s because of these benefits of blogging that got many of us to start blogging in the first place.

While it’s true that blogging can benefit you in many different ways, all the cool things about the benefit of blogging can only be noticeable to you after you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Well, let’s be real here. It takes time for people to discover your blog no matter how good you are at optimizing your blog for the search engine.

And it’s even more so when you plan to generate income through your blog.

You can only see these benefits after you’ve been blogging consistently for a long time.

It’s not going to yield any result if you start a blog and abandon it after a couple of weeks only because no one comes to your blog.

While it may seem like forever to see blogging starts to hold any significant benefit for you, there’s one benefit of blogging that you’ll experience right away.

Even better? It can impact your writing in a good way too.

The one benefit of blogging that you’ll notice right away

Well, there’s no denying that blogging can improve not just your writing, but can help with refining your writing voice as well.

Here’s the thing about the writing voice. People can recognize your writing based on your writing voice alone.

Yes, your writing voice can be a powerful brand just as powerful as having a specific personality or quirky behavior.

It’s because of this reason that you need to develop your writing voice.

That’s what I notice in my writing too

Just to let you know that I’m currently in the middle of rewriting my nonfiction book, WordPress E-Commerce Blueprint.

As I reread what I wrote in the old version of the book, I realize that the tone of the book doesn’t seem to reflect my current writing voice.

It makes me question if I was the one who wrote the book, not someone else.

The tone of the book was so flat. It makes a textbook more fun to read than my book.

That shows how different my writing has become over the years.

While it’s true that writing more books can improve your writing and refine your voice over the years, I realize what contributes to my current writing voice has a lot to do with me blogging a lot.

And it helps that I’ve been blogging for years too.

Keep in mind that WordPress E-Commerce Blueprint is the only nonfiction book I write. The rest of the books that I write are thriller and suspense novels.

So, what contributes to the drastic change in the way I write and also my writing voice?

Well, I attribute that to blogging, of course.

Remember that The Efficient You blog isn’t the only blog I have. I also have a blog on my fiction author website.

And let’s not forget all the blogs that I have in the past. That can help with refining my writing voice too.

But writing a book is different from writing a blog post

Okay, you’re not wrong to say that writing a book isn’t the same as writing a blog post.

While you can get away with a shorter paragraph with tons of white spaces in between in a blog post, the same style can look odd in a book.

It looks as if you’re reading a children’s book, not a nonfiction book.

Whether you have a huge chunk of paragraphs or a bite-size paragraph in many parts of the book, the fact remains that blogging does help in improving your writing and refining your voice.

I doubt that my writing will improve this much if it were not because of blogging.

And since I’m doing it every week and I write for two blogs, it helps with improving my writing and refining my writing voice tremendously.

But having a blog will only benefit nonfiction writers more

While it’s true that having a blog tends to benefit more if you write nonfiction, I will say that it can benefit fiction writers as well.

Think of your blog as another avenue to write something that isn’t creative writing.

Well, it can be something like talking about the book that you’re currently reading, the inspiration behind the book you write, or anything that you think that your audience will find interesting.

That’s what I do on my fiction author blog where I talk about the books that I’m currently reading, whether it’s purely for fun or it’s for research.

And guess what? It feels so much fun to write too since it lightens up the burden of having me be in a creative mode all the time.

Let’s be real here. It’s not easy to write a story that makes your readers guess what will happen next and whether they’re right about how the story will end.

Blogging does help your creative writing in the long run since you can’t be writing fiction all the time.

If you do that, you’ll be running out of creative juice soon enough and experience burnout before you know it.

But I still find blogging a waste of time

As much as I’d like to credit blogging for improving my writing and helping with refining my writing voice, I won’t go as far as saying it’s the ONLY way to improve your writing.

There are many ways to improve your writing. You don’t have to resort to blogging if you find blogging to be a waste of time.

In my defense, I will say that blogging isn’t a waste of time provided that you’re being strategic about it.

If you start a blog with no clear direction on how it will serve you, then it sure is a waste of time.

Whether you should start a blog or not, the important fact you need to remember is this – the more you write, the better you’ll become.

In my case, blogging does help me to become a much better writer than I was yesterday.

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