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When it comes to inbox management strategies, there are many great tips out there that are beneficial to you.

For one, create folders in your inbox so then your inbox can automatically categorize the emails according to the criteria.

Sounds sorcery to you?

Well, believe it or not, you can do that with Gmail.

And then we have this tip where you need to dedicate the time to manage your inbox.

This is something that I said in my managing multiple blogs post. If you don’t have it in your schedule, then you’re not going to do it.

The same goes for managing your inbox.

If managing your inbox tends to slip from your mind for whatever reason, write it down in your planner.

Another great tip when it comes to inbox management strategies is that be mindful about sending emails.

Yes, sending an email doesn’t cost you anything. So, you’re free to send as many emails as you want.

But those back-and-forth emails can easily clutter your inbox especially if you treat emails like how you would reply to someone on Whatsapp.

Say all the things you need to say in one email to prevent it from adding more emails to your inbox. You don’t need to send a short reply like you would on a chat.

While these inbox management strategies are great, there’s one thing that many of us avoid doing.

You can guess where I’m going with this one. It’s none other than unsubscribing from somebody else’s email list.

Just delete them all and be done with it

Who has the time these days to unsubscribe from every email list that you’ve been subscribing to?

Just delete them all and move on with your life.

That’s the fastest way to go about it. And it takes less time to do it too when you have to deal with so many emails.

Well, I won’t deny that deleting those emails is much faster than having to go through the emails and unsubscribe them one by one.

But here’s what I discover about deleting those emails as a part of your inbox management strategies.

It can cost you a lot more time to get your inbox under control than you realize.

Where did the time go to?

Just like you, I also receive a lot of emails every day, with many of them emails that I don’t remember I’m subscribing to.

While it’s easy for me to get rid of those emails by deleting them all, it can still eat up most of your time.

And that seems to be the case when you have a lot of emails to purge.

Sure, you can argue that deleting the emails in bulk will probably only take you about a minute or so at most.

But when you have so many emails to delete every day, those minutes that you spend deleting those emails will start to add up.

And let’s not forget that deleting emails that you don’t care about isn’t the only thing you do when you manage your inbox.

I’m sure that you also want to get back to emails from the people you want to hear.

Added to the time you spend purging the emails that you don’t care about, the amount of time you spend on managing your inbox will take a lot longer than you imagine.

The rule that you should adopt

Let’s face it, we’re all busy people. And I’m sure that many of us don’t see managing the inbox as something fun to do.

Since managing your inbox can take up so much of your time and bandwidth, shouldn’t you make your inbox a place that gives you joy instead?

Yes, I get that it’s a weird way to treat your inbox.

But rather than having to drag yourself to manage your inbox every single day, you find the task as something that you look forward to instead.

You can’t wait to catch up with people you follow, especially if they’re the people you can no longer catch up with on social media.

The only way for you to know what they’re up to is through none other than emails.

If you’re ever going to spend your time checking your emails, then you may as well make sure that only someone you have a genuine interest in will only reach your inbox.

You can ignore the rest for all I care.

Unsubscribe those email lists and your inbox will become a much happier place now that it’s easy and takes less time for you to manage.

But I have so many emails to manage!

What you should do when you want to unsubscribe from so many email lists but it can take forever for you to unsubscribe them all?

Is there a faster way to unsubscribe from those email lists?

Well, you can use a service like Unroll.Me to speed up the unsubscribing process for you. It’s something that I used in the past to unsubscribe email lists in bulk.

Not only you can unsubscribe from the email list fast with Unroll.Me. But it can compile all the emails into one email too.

Instead of having to receive four emails separately, Unroll.Me will compile those emails and send them to you in one email.

Just open the email from Unroll.Me and you’ll see all those four emails.

Want to read any of the emails? All you need to do is to click on the email and a popup will appear, allowing you to see the email content.

While Unroll.Me can be a good alternative to unsubscribing the emails in bulk, I find that it doesn’t work that well in some emails.

If you still receive those emails even after unsubscribing through Unroll.Me, then your best bet is to unsubscribe from the email list manually.

Another thing that I don’t like about Unroll.Me is that the emails that Unroll.Me compile will remain in your inbox.

What you delete from your inbox is only the emails from Unroll.Me. You don’t delete the emails that Unroll.Me compiles for you.

I no longer use Unroll.Me anymore. But it’s something that you can look into if you’re looking for a faster way to unsubscribe from those email lists.

Out of many inbox management strategies, opt for this one

Not going to lie that unsubscribing from the email list is a tedious process. And it can take so much of your time too when you have a lot of email lists to unsubscribe from.

But if it can help with reducing the time it takes to manage your inbox, then I will say it’s time well spent.

Now I need to get back to my Gmail and see if there are other email lists that I have to unsubscribe from.

If I find reading those emails is more like a hassle than a joy, then it’s a good indicator that I should unsubscribe from those email lists.

You should opt for the same rule as I am if you don’t have one.

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